Liz Duren is turning 56 but she will not be celebrating her 56th birthday this February. Instead, she’s throwing herself a special 14th birthday party. As per reports, she is among a rare group of people who were born on February 29 – making their birthdays an occasion that comes only every four years. So, as an ode to her inner child, she is making sure that the birthday party she is going to throw matches that of someone who is celebrating their 14th birthday. She has decided on an ET-themed party.

The woman shared that she had her first birthday party when she was 4 years old. (Unsplash/@Wesley Caribe)

“When I turned 44 I threw a 10th birthday party. I had a magician and games. I’m 55 but also 13. I can be young forever,” Duren told the New York Post. A local historian from Charleston, South Carolina in the US, she also has her own podcast.

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How does she celebrate her birthday when it’s not a leap year?

According to Bristol Live, her parents organised her first birthday party when she turned four years old. Since then, she has been throwing parties every four years. However, when it is not a leap year, she celebrates this special day on March 1 with her family and friends.

How is Liz Duren celebrating her birthday in 2024?

While talking to Bristol Live, Duren shared that she will be acting in a play on her birthday, besides having an ET-themed party.

“I consider myself the luckiest person in the world. I make a joke about myself,” she shared.

Duren is adopted and her unique birth date helped her track down her biological parents, reported Bristol Live. She got in touch with her birth mother through Facebook. She was also able to track her biological father and now shares a close relationship with him.

“I have only met a handful of people that have my birthday. I hope they embrace it,” Duren told the outlet while talking about her unique date of birth.

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