A woman had a bizarre meltdown on a Spirit Airlines flight while police tried to remove her, a video of which is now viral on social media. The incident took place on March 23, apparently when the plane was in the process of taking off from Vegas, according to TMZ.

A woman had a bizarre meltdown on a Spirit Airlines flight (@realkingjon/TikTok)

It is unclear why the woman began to behave hysterically. Police are seen putting one cuff on the unidentified woman as she protests. “All I care about is freedom,” she shouts.

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When cops tell her she is under arrest, she screams “that’s fine” as she has “been there before.” “I’m not scared,” she says.

The woman alleges that the police are hurting her, and begins wailing. Some people can be heard chuckling in the background. At one point the woman screams, “I can’t breathe,” referencing what happened with George Floyd. Reportedly, everyone had to get off the plane so cops could deal with her.

Other bizarre Spirit Airlines incidents

This is not the first time Spirit Airlines is in the news for the wrong reasons. In December last year, a passenger was seen leaping over seats so he could speed up the deplaning process. As the black hooded man behaved hysterically, a seatmate asked, “What are you doing?” The man replied, “Touch me again and see what the f–k happens. Touch me, motherf–ker.”

Last year, another shocking video of a pregnant passenger attacking a Spirit Airlines employee went viral.

Another video that went viral in 2023 showed an airline worker taping up a Spirit Airlines plane. The employee was seen making minor repairs to a Spirit Airlines plane’s left wing while sitting on the tarmac at Nashville International Airport. Passengers were able to see the scene from inside the plane, stunned as they saw the person putting tapes across the plane.


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