NEW DELHI: Katrina Bookman’s visit to the Resorts World Casino in Queens, New York, took an unexpected turn when what appeared to be a record-breaking jackpot win turned out to be a malfunction, leading to a dispute over her rightful winnings.
According to the Daily Star, Bookman was astonished to see a staggering $42,949,672 on the machine’s screen, potentially making it the largest slot machine jackpot in US history.In excitement, she took a selfie with the display, believing she had hit the jackpot. However, her joy was short-lived.
Upon returning to the casino the next day, Bookman was informed that she had not won anything. The casino’s official ruling attributed the discrepancy to a machine malfunction, reducing her supposed winnings to a mere $2.25 (£1.77). The casino justified withholding the substantial jackpot payout, citing a disclaimer stating that “malfunctions void all pays and plays.”
Expressing sympathy for Bookman, Resorts World offered her a steak dinner as compensation for the unfortunate incident. The casino spokesperson, Dan Bank, clarified the situation and said that the machine malfunction was confirmed by the New York State Gaming Commission. He explained, “After explaining the circumstances to Ms Bookman, we offered to pay her the correct amount that was shown on the printed ticket.”
Bookman, dissatisfied with the explanation, took legal action against the casino, accusing Resorts World of negligence in maintaining their lottery equipment. Alan Ripka, her lawyer, dismissed the casino’s excuses as “ridiculous,” questioning the inspection and maintenance practices. He asked, “Does that mean it wasn’t inspected? Does it mean it wasn’t maintained? And if so, does that mean that people that played there before [Bookman] had zero chance of winning?”
Eventually, the case was settled out of court.


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