YouTube star Addison Pierre Maalouf, popularly known as YourFellowArab or Arab, has allegedly been kidnapped in Haiti. Before his disappearance, the Georgia-based YouTuber had reportedly travelled to the gang violence-stricken country. Maalouf, who is famous for exploring dangerous places that are void of general tourism, hasn’t updated his Instagram feed since July last year. Viral unconfirmed reports claim that before his disappearance, Arab travelled to Port-au-Prince to interview the infamous Jimmy “Barbeque” Cherizier.

YouTuber Arab aka YourFellowArab has reportedly been kidnapped in Haiti(Instagram/@arab)

YouTuber Arab allegedly kidnapped in Haiti

According to Haiti24, “The kidnappers, acting under the orders of the fearsome gang leader “Lanmò 100 jou”, member of the “Viv Ansanm” coalition, demanded an exorbitant ransom of $600,000 for the journalist’s [Maalouf] release. Despite the payment of an initial tranche of $40,000, the kidnappers demanded a much larger sum for his complete release.”

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Streamer Sneako addressed Maalouf’s kidnapping on a recent livestream, saying, “Arab has been kidnapped in Haiti. He has been kidnapped for 15 days. YourFellowArab, a YouTuber and a good friend, a love speech member…. free Arab and pray for Arab. Arab has been kidnapped for 15 days. I just saw an article. Yeah, I know, a random announcement. A random announcement, I know.”

Twitch streamer Lalem also addressed the matter in a tweet shared on X, formerly Twitter, on Friday, March 29, “Tried keeping it private for 2 weeks, but it’s getting out everywhere now, yes Arab has been kidnapped in Haiti and we’re working on getting him out. Love ya’ll he’ll be out soon.”

Fellow YouTuber Miles Routledge, who claims to have spoken to the kidnapped streamer, said that Maalouf was travelling with a fixer called Sean Roubens Jean Sacra, who was also kidnapped. “Arab has been kept in a cage in a place on the eastern outskirts of the Capital, Port-au-Prince,” he said.

“Arab has stated that despite the hardships, he’s going to come out with a great video after this, and he should be out in no time. Sean was actually offered to be let go, but he’s a great guy and doesn’t want to leave Arab on his own, so he has decided to stay,” Routledge added.


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